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Laser Cutting Machines


Our CNC laser cutting machines are designed and manufactured in the UK and use sealed CO2 lasers that are water or air cooled and are certified Class 1 laser machines.

They are interlocked and fully enclosed while cutting for ultimate safety.

As pioneers of the laser cutting industry, our latest range of CNC laser cutting machines are designed to be an efficient and productive asset to your business. We have combined many years of experience with state of the art technology and developments to give you the ultimate laser cutting systems.

A fine, clean, accurate depth of cut is achieved by software controlled adjustment of both the cutting speed and the power output of the laser. The control of cutting is so accurate, you can even laser engrave onto paper.

Closed Loop servo motors and hardened ground steel rails provide precision movements with up to 2G acceleration. To achieve a clean cut edge, an irrigation system is attached to the cutting head which sends a stream of air or inert gas to the point of cut.

Many industries are now finding that laser cutting technology is far superior to other cutting methods and our CNC laser cutting machines have proved to be successful in all types of markets from automotive to textiles. Our laser cutting systems demonstrate the precision to cut a wide variety of materials including acrylic and wood at speeds suitable for mass production.

High speed Laser Engraving Machines

The GraphixScan range are high speed galvo laser engraving machines.

They can laser engrave images, text, logos and textures on finished items or raw materials including leather, wood, acrylic, other plastics or man-made and natural fabrics, it can even change the colour and texture of some surfaces.

Laser engrave and cut in one process and all this on a continuously moving bed. You have to see it to believe it.

Many industrial sectors are realising the benefits of incorporating the production capabilities and versatility of the GraphixScan high speed galvo laser engraving machines, and with engraving speeds of upto 20,000 mm/s you can see why.

Your chosen design is reproduced with perfect precision every time, these laser engraving machines controlled by our advanced laser marking software give total control of speed and power, which also allows the GraphixScan to laser engrave and cut to precise depths at lightning speeds.

Call us for more details on the ultimate laser engraving machine.

Bespoke Laser Cutting Machines

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Laser Cutting and Embroidery Software

Laser Software
The ApS-Ethos Laser Cutting and Engraving Software enables vector files to be imported or created before outputting to a CadCam Technology Laser Cutting Machine. Numerous automatic features exist that can be used to organise the layout of designs prior to outputting, it is also possible to assign material effects to a design to ensure accurate cutting.

Designed specifically for lasers
Outstanding cutting control
Simple & accurate drawing tools
Powerful production tools

Embroidery Software
Various modules of the ApS-Ethos Embroidery Software are available, which allow customers to select the appropriate level and features they require. The range available includes a Design Storage level for the organisation and cataloguing of designs, through to Editing⁄Lettering levels and the more advanced Digitising levels. This fully comprehensive suite of embroidery software means we have a level to complement any embroidery company.

Embroidery software since 1984
Excellent Support & Training
Powerful production tools
Outstanding stitch quality

The ApS-Ethos suite of Embroidery and Cutting software has been in development for over 21 years, when CadCam Technology Ltd embarked upon the first of many innovative products designed for the Textiles industry. During this time our aim has been to create a range of software that is easy to use, yet extremely powerful.

The flexibility of the embroidery software enables it to be tailored to suit the individual needs of a company. Distributed worldwide, the ApS-Ethos embroidery software has and will continue to be a market leader.

Award Winning Embroidery
The powerful features available in the Virtuoso Plus embroidery software have enabled digitisers using this software to win multiple embroidery design awards.
Laser Engraving Software Embroidery Software
Please feel free to download PDF brochures of our laser cutting and laser engraving machines. Click below.
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