Laser cutting and engraving systems - Apollo 600

Apollo 600 Laser cutting and engraving machine
The Apollo 600 like our other laser cutting machines has a honeycomb flatbed for laser cutting standard materials like wood or plastic. But it also has the option of an intergrated embroidery hoop which can be put in place of the flatbed making this machine ideal for laser cutting embroidered badges and reverse appliques or even laser engraving your designs onto your fabrics or garments.
Motion system features:
Motion slides Precision hard anodised aluminium extruded section with inserted twin hardened and ground cylindrical Steel Rails. Rails are Electroless nickel plated. Corrosion resistant surfaces.
Rolling Elements Gothic Arch form wheels with full complement cageless bearings. Nickel plated corrosion resistant surfaces.
Drive Motors Long service life stepper motors with Harmonic drive for stable low / high cutting speeds.
Laser cutting machine - FB500
Laser cutting machine - FB500 dimentions
Technical information - Apollo600
Cutting area
600mm x 400mm
Laser type
30 Watts or 50 Watts
Max linear cutting speed
Max engraving speed
Intuitive touch screen interface
Electronic and mechanical safety interlock
One piece renewable honeycomb cutting table
Integrated embroidery hoop
Ideal for reverse applique and badge cutting
laser cutting image gallery
laser cutting video gallery
laser cutting controls
Laser cutting bed
Laser cutting reverse applique
Laser cutting badges
Laser cutting embroidery
Please feel free to download PDF brochures of our laser cutting and engraving machines. Click below.
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