Laser Cutting Machine Conveyor

Stainless steel laser cutting conveyor - Available on FB Series laser cutters

Our conveyor machines allow continuous production of roll material and will transport cut parts and waste out of the machine automatically. The honeycomb cutting bed allows extraction from underneath which not only provides a clean cut, it also vacuums the material down for precise movement through the cutting field.

The material is presented to the conveyor using our motorised roll handling system. As the roll unwinds, a loop is created in the material. This loop is kept constant with a light sensor and as material is taken up by the conveyor the motorised roll handler feeds material out until the loop meets the light sensor. This loop also relaxes the material so all fabric tension is removed before cutting.

Using the Electronic optical system enables the cutting of pre-printed deigns. This uses printed registration marks to allow precise cutting of each design, compensating for any stretch or distortion. When cutting is finished the conveyor automatically moves forward and starts cutting again.

Cut on fly mode option allows continual travel of the material on the conveyor during cutting, this allows the cutting to continue without stopping for the conveyor feed. The operator can either collect the cut pieces off the extended external part of the conveyor or let the pieces fall off the end into a box. A compressed air system is hidden under the end of the conveyor which blows a thin jet of air through the honeycomb slats to blow the cut parts clear of the conveyor. It is possible to cut pieces that are larger than the cutting area by using the byte feed option. Once the first part of the cut is completed the conveyor moves, then the next part is cut and so on. Our conveyors are encoder driven and use endless wedgetooth belts for precise movement. Stainless steel honeycomb slats and Stainless steel and anodised aluminium parts are corrosion resistant to ensure longevity.
Please feel free to download PDF brochures of our laser cutting and engraving machines. Click below.
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